Aztec is capable of performing the following coordinate geometry (COGO) tasks:

  • area calculations;
  • input by bearing (or azimuth) & distance;
  • calculate the misclosure of a figure shown on a survey drawing;
  • set points on a curve;
  • inverse between points on a curve;
  • display coordinates;
  • edit coordinates;
  • set elevations by difference or percent slope;
  • set points by coordinates;
  • calculate intersections;
  • inverse between points;
  • calculate the angle, distance, plus chainage & offset between a line and a point;
  • set points by angle and distance;
  • set points by plus chainage and offset;
  • proportion along lines;
  • proportion along curves;
  • traverse adjustment;
  • rotations; and
  • translations.

In addition, Aztec has the ability to:

  • read from and write to ASCII or text files;
  • write to DXF files;
  • convert between US Feet, Imperial Feet and Metres;
  • work with either azimuths or bearings;
  • scale coordinates; and
  • convert between grid (geodetic) and ground coordinates.

For those of you who are familiar with a CAD program, Aztec has the ability to both export coordinate points to your favorite CAD program as well as to import them back into Aztec when you are done.

Aztec will run on Windows XP as well as Windows 7, 8 and 10.

If you feel that there is a calculation which the program should be able to perform, we would be pleased to receive your input.

Comments or questions can be sent to: