Q.  What if I really like Aztec, but do not want to buy it because it does not do everything that I need it to do?

A.  Write to us at surveycogo@outlook.com and let us know.  We would be pleased to make additions to the program.  The better you like Aztec, the more likely that others will too.

Q.  What happens after I buy a copy of Aztec?

A.  We will ship you a USB key (at no cost to you) which will allow you to run Aztec on any computer that you choose (as long as the key is plugged into that computer).  The program will not run without the key.  It is very important that you do not lose it.

The Aztec program file will be stored on this USB key.  No installation is required.  Just run the program file (being "Aztec v 2.1.exe") from this USB key.  You can also create a shortcut to this file and place it somewhere on your desktop.

Since the program is stored on the USB key, you can run it from any computer you want by merely plugging in the USB key.  As mentioned above, no installation is required.  It also makes it easier for you to deal with updates to the program, since you merely replace one copy of the program with a new one.

Q.  What does the USB key do? 

A.  The USB key unlocks the program each time you run it.  If it is not plugged into your computer, then Aztec will not run. 

Q.  What is stored on the USB key?

A.  The USB key contains an empty folder called, "This is your USB key".  This will be there to remind you what this USB stick actually is.  In addition, the Aztec program file (called "Aztec v 2.1.exe") will also be stored on the USB key.

Q.  What mailing address will the USB key be sent to?

A.  The USB key will be sent to the mailing address which you enter when you complete your purchase of Aztec.  Please make sure that you enter it correctly.

Q.  What happens if my USB key gets damaged?

A.  Email us at surveycogo@outlook.com and we can arrange for you to ship us your damaged key.  Once we receive it we will send you back a new key free of charge.

Q.  What happens if I lose my USB key? 

A.  If you want to continue to use Aztec, then you will have to buy another copy of the program (being $395 USD).  PLEASE do not lose your key.

Q.  What do I do if I have questions about Aztec or need some help?

A.  Support is free and is provided via email.  Email us at surveycogo@outlook.com and we will help you.

Q.  How can I get updates to the program?

A.  No fees will be charged for updates.  Any updates to Aztec will be sent to the email address which you entered when you completed your initial purchase of Aztec.  Please let us know if your email address changes.